PokerMatch is celebrating its sixth anniversary

PokerMatch is celebrating its sixth anniversary
Jul 23, 2022peter

From a local company to the largest poker room in Eastern Europe: PokerMatch is celebrating its sixth anniversary

During these years, the company managed to go through the thorny path from a small rum to a large gaming platform in Eastern Europe, firmly entrenched among the leaders of the industry.

In the early days of the company, the management of PokerMatch set itself the goal of changing the established opinion about poker. Hundreds of workers were motivated by spreading the idea that poker is a sport like, for example, football or basketball. However, with a characteristic difference - intellectual, not physical.

Firstly, poker is a complex intellectual game in which mathematical thinking is quite important, secondly, players must have a knack for psychology in order to understand the tactics of their opponents.

Responsible gaming has always been a priority for PokerMatch, so from the beginning of the poker room until today, we constantly remind users about the gambling aspect, urging them to be responsible. Poker is an intellectual sport, so keep it that way.

It is also important that PokerMatch ambassadors and streamers glorify sports poker and Ukraine at various world venues. For example, this year Yevhen Kachalov - the most successful player in the history of Ukraine and the current ambassador of PokerMatch - fought for victory in the most famous World Series of Poker WSOP. Evgeny set himself the goal of telling the poker world about the war in Ukraine and helping our country with part of his prize money.

Immediately after the full-scale war began, PokerMatch banned all players from Russia from playing in the poker room. The company suspended work on the territory of the aggressor country, and also terminated many advertising contracts.

Currently, the company is particularly proud of the creation of its own charitable initiatives, including the Victory Cup and Ukrainian Glory Cup, and the reaction of the poker community to them. Not the amount of funds that were transferred for humanitarian aid to the affected Ukrainians (although it is quite significant - currently it is more than 2 million hryvnias). Namely, how poker players from all over Ukraine responded to our charity projects. We have had several initiatives with different form and content, and each time we have seen a strong response from the audience. For us, this is a clear indication that the feelings and wishes of the PokerMatch team are 100% aligned with the feelings and wishes of the users.

The company will celebrate the important date of the creation of the room together with its customers. Large-scale online promotions and tournaments will delight poker fans throughout the month. During the month, special tournaments took place every Saturday (five in total) with a total guarantee of 6,000,000 hryvnias. The largest event that will be held on July 23 will be a charity one - all the collected PokerMatch rake will be sent to the humanitarian needs of Ukraine in the war with the aggressor.

In the near future, the company will continue to initiate charitable poker projects to help Ukraine fight the enemy. Also, PokerMatch pays great attention to working with the audience and informing them about the correct participation in entertainment projects. That is, the social mission for the company is not new, and during the war this social responsibility only intensified. So the brand even created a virtual ambassador of the dragon Dragobrat, who became the mascot of PokerMatch and an active cyber volunteer who supports all the brand's charity tournaments.

The brand with Ukrainian roots achieved all initial goals with absolute success, becoming international. PokerMatch continues to inspire its pro-Ukrainian position on the international stage. The next goals are to hold a number of international offline tournaments in Ukrainian cities. We are waiting for the Victory Cup in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, as well as in the Ukrainian Crimea.

We work and play for the victory of Ukraine!

Six years is just the beginning!