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13 Apr, 2021peter

Since International Women’s Day many gambling establishments have attempted to re-open and have come foul to Ukrainian gambling law.

Reopening of the Ukraine Casino Market

1 Apr, 2021peter

After a ten year hiatus, the Ukrainian government are looking to re-open casino gaming to local and international visitors. From what I hear it’s actually long overdue, and to some an opportunity not to be underestimated. In 2019, President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose presidential campaign had included a promise to turn gambling into a legal form of entertainment, put forward an initiative to legalize the gambling industry. The Verkhovna Rada formulated Bill No. 2285-D, which was published in October 2019.

Ukrainian Gaming Business Legalization Chronicles

30 Mar, 2021peter

By: Aydin Guney

In spite of many unsolved issues before the first casino can open its doors to its long and patiently waiting customers, there have been improvements in the Ukrainian Gaming Market during the past several weeks. As it is clear to all of us now, before gaming operators can receive a license to operate any gaming, hotels, where the gaming operator is planning to start operation, must receive permission.

How the legalisation of online gambling in Ukraine will influence on country economy

9 Mar, 2021peter

Up until recently, the Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine banned operating a gambling business as well as participation in similar activities. The law included all types of gambling, including sites like online casino real money no deposit that offers player real winnings without making first income.

Ukraine Legislation Update — New Members Of UGLC Appointed

15 Nov, 2020peter

12th November 2020: The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has successfully completed the 2nd round of the competitive selection process to appoint 4 new members of the Ukrainian Gambling and Lottery Commission. 

UK Gambling Commission imposes stricter licence conditions on online operators

28 Oct, 2020peter

Three online gambling operators have been investigated by the Gambling Commission for social responsibility and money laundering failures as part of the Commission’s ongoing drive to raise standards through its tough enforcement action. 

BGO Entertainment Limited, GAN PLC and NetBet Enterprises Limited were all subject to licence reviews following a number of failures which included not doing enough to keep consumers safe and failing to prevent money laundering and criminal spend.

Gaming Legislation Report on Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus.

28 Sep, 2020peter

By: Marko Tomic, Partner, Law Firm Anđelović, Siketić & Tomić d.o.o. Zagreb

1. Russia

Gaming Legislation Report on Ukraine, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

28 Sep, 2020peter

By: Marko Tomic, Partner, Law Firm Anđelović, Siketić & Tomić d.o.o. Zagreb

1. Ukraine

Gambling Business Legalized in Ukraine

18 Aug, 2020admin

The document introduces comprehensive regulation of the gambling market and an exhaustive list of permitted activities in the sphere of gambling.


The slot machine rooms may only be installed in hotels that have three, four or five stars. 

Residents of the aggressor state are not allowed to have gambling business in Ukraine.